19 December 2023

5 Free, Easy-to-Use Family Tree Charts

With the holiday season upon us, I know you don't have a lot of time to devote to genealogy. But I wanted to put these charts in your hands. Here are 5 free family tree charts/templates you can come back to when you're ready to dive in.

1. A Color-Coded Ahnentafel Chart

Look in this article for the revised Ahnentafel spreadsheet: "How to Visualize Your Ancestor-Finding Progress." The colors and pre-filled numbers will help you instantly see which branches of your family tree need more research.

2. A Multi-Generation Relationship Calculator

Understanding your relationship to a distant cousin (maybe a DNA match) can make your head spin. Here's a spreadsheet that makes it clear what to call your relationship based on your common ancestor. Look for the link that says, "You can download my chart for yourself" in this article: "This Chart Finds Hidden Relationships in Your Family Tree."

These 5 free family tree charts belong in your genealogy toolbox!
These 5 free family tree charts belong in your genealogy toolbox!

3. A Five-Generation Fill-in-the-Blanks PDF Chart

I never write anything by hand that I can type instead. That's why I created this Acrobat PDF file that lets you type in the names to create a five-generation family tree chart. Click the link that says, "Download the Direct Ancestor Chart PDF" in this article: "Free 5-Generation Fill-in-the-Blanks Form."

4. An Easy Family Tree Template from Microsoft Excel

I use Excel in my family tree research every day and in lots of ways. Did you know Microsoft Excel includes a free family tree template? Take a look at how you can make quick work of a custom family tree in this article: "Free and Easy-to-Use 4-Generation Family Tree Chart."

5. Five-Generation Template Keeps New Research on Track

I made this Excel template to use when I'm researching families that don't belong in my own family tree. At first I was keeping running lists of what I'd found and where I searched. Then I made this template and saved myself a ton of trouble. Find the link at the bottom of this article: "This New Template Charts 5 Generations."

I'll give you another great collection next week to wrap up the 7th year (holy cow!) of this blog. Happy holidays!

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  1. Very NICE Christmas Presents .. always nice to use spreadsheets to keep things organized, which helps to see What's Missing !