24 August 2018

3 Unique, Key Facts about Every U.S. Federal Census

Download this free diagram of U.S. census changes from 1790 to 1940.

Here's an infographic to show you the states or territories included in each U.S. Federal census, 1790–1940. Knowing these facts can save you from trying to find your ancestor in a state that didn't yet exist.

After the first census box for 1790, each year in the infographic shows:
  • The new states and territories counted that year.
  • New questions asked and facts recorded that year.
It's interesting to see the increasing detail gathered from census to census.

You can download this graphic as a PDF. I've also created a printer-friendly version in black and white for letter-size paper (8½" x 11").

Diagram of U.S. Census Changes from 1790 to 1940
Diagram of U.S. Census Changes from 1790 to 1940


  1. DiAnn - your timeline needs a little zig-zag in it; the 1910 census comes in after the 1920. It is still very interesting and useful; I plan to put a link to the article in a newsletter that I edit for the Summit County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.

    1. Yup...imagine my surprise when I got to the bottom and 1910 had a million facts while 1920-1940 had so little.

  2. This cheat sheet is great!!!! Thanks for putting the info together on one sheet for easy reference just when we need it!!!!