17 December 2019

6 Genealogy Projects Perfect for Your Holiday Vacation

Got some free-time for the holidays? Try these popular genealogy projects.

I hope you're lucky enough to have some extra days off from work or school coming up. I don't, but I know what I'd do with them. Genealogy!!

Here are 6 of the most popular genealogy projects I've presented in this blog. Take a look at them and see which appeals to you the most. Choose your favorite project now and put aside some time for yourself…and your genealogy research.

How to Create a 'Book of Life' for Your Relatives

Inspired by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.'s TV show, "Finding Your Roots," this article explains step-by-step how you can create a Book of Life for someone special.

I made one for a genealogy enthusiast in my family on her milestone birthday. But we should all make one for ourselves. Please consider gifting a Book of Life to yourself first. Then decide who else would love to have their own.

Create your own book of life. Then move on to your relatives.
Create your own book of life. Then move on to your relatives.

3 Things to Do with Ahnentafel Numbers

This is my most-read article by Pinterest users. It makes me so happy to see all those visitors because this project means a lot to me.

I consult my "grandparent chart" (actually a spreadsheet) all the time. It shows me at a glance whose names I've discovered and which of my 4 grandparents descends from them.

I've had my grandparent chart for quite some time. Adding each ancestor's Ahnentafel number—even as a placeholder for a missing name—made the chart more useful.

I created a custom field in my Family Tree Maker software to hold an Ahnentafel number. Whenever I'm viewing a direct ancestor, I open the chart, see their Ahnentafel number, and add it to my family tree.

What I love about using the numbers is how it lets you see your progress, as well as who you need to find.

Go to the article to download your free Ahnentafel spreadsheet.
Go to the article to download your free Ahnentafel spreadsheet.

A Roadmap for Your Genealogy Research

If you're interested in the Ahnentafel numbers, you've got to read this article that takes it up a notch. It explains how to turn the chart and those numbers into a roadmap.

Create and follow your personal family tree research roadmap and stay on course.

3 Ways to Find Double Ancestors in Your Family Tree

Are any of your direct ancestors related to you in two ways?

When I learned my father's parents were 3rd cousins, I realized they had shared ancestors. So some of my multi-great grandparents belong to both Grandpa and Grandma.

Here are 3 different ways to identify those double ancestors and make them stand out. I use all 3.

How a Research Timeline Helps You Spot Gaps and Problems

This idea struck me as being so simple it might not be worth talking about. But the article has been very popular. I think the logic of it made an impression on my readers.

A timeline of facts helps spot errors. It shows where you need more research. It helps you draw conclusions about a family or individual. How else will you use a timeline?

A timeline of facts can help make sense of a family tree mystery and guide your research.
A timeline of facts can help make sense of a family tree mystery and guide your research.

7 Genealogy Projects We All Need to Do

If you prefer one-stop shopping, here's a deal for you. This article highlights 7 different genealogy projects.

Once again, pick your favorite and get busy.

These should be more than enough to keep you busy on your days off. In fact, I hope you'll decide to add a few of these projects to your 2020 Genealogy Goals list.

More about goals coming soon. Happy holidays!

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